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The LPF is launching its second call for projects to support press pluralism and independent information. Applications can be submitted to the Fund until 18 April 2021.

1. Who are the eligible applicants?
  • Political and general information

The LPF supports independent press publishers operating publications that devote a large part of their coverage to political and general information (PGI), whether local, national or international.

  • Applicants must fall within one of the three categories of media recognised as IPG or IPG-like by the Commission paritaire des publications et agences de presse (CPPAP).

Independence of the publishing company

  • The notion of independence is defined as follows:

– A press company is considered independent when the majority of its capital is held by natural or legal persons whose main activity is in the media; – In the case of an association, independence is defined by the multiplicity and diversity of subsidies received.

  • Editorial independence

The publishing company respects the National Collective Agreement for Journalists and implements the necessary means to ensure the editorial independence of the editorial offices in compliance with the Munich Charter of the Rights and Duties of Journalists.

  • No conflict of interest

For ethical reasons, and to avoid any conflict of interest, press companies with substantial links to significant donors of the Fund may not be candidates.

2. What projects are eligible?

The objective of the Fund is to support the development of an independent, pluralistic, innovative and economically viable written press, regardless of its medium, whether print or digital. In this context, projects eligible for financing from the Fund may be

  • Innovative editorial projects allowing the creation or reinforcement of new sections, enriching a specific theme, developing new formats (video, audio, podcast, documentaries, mook) etc. ;
  • Technical developments to improve the presentation and functionality of a website, subscriber acquisition and management, communication with readers, etc. ;
  • Commercial projects to increase the publication’s audience and ensure its economic viability;
  • Collective projects involving at least two publishers are encouraged.


3. What is the level of intervention of the Fund?

The Fund supports forward-looking projects that enable the publication’s activities to be developed in a sustainable and economically viable manner. The objective of the Fund is to participate in the risk-taking inherent in the launch of new projects. For this second call for projects, the Fund’s support will take the form of a grant which will represent the majority of the costs, with the publisher undertaking to self-finance at least 30% of its project.
Particular attention will be paid to the precision of the business plan linked to the project, as well as to the expected impact in editorial, economic and technical terms.

LPF funding cannot be combined with other public or private grants for the same project.


4. What is the amount of funding granted by the Fund?

For this second call for projects, the LPF will grant a total of 70,000 euros.

This amount will be divided between three and four projects.

5. What are the eligible costs?

The LPF will provide financial support for all or part of the project for

  • Capital expenditure;
  • Staff costs directly linked to these investments;
  • Marketing expenses in line with these investments.

The implementation date of the project will be the date of the announcement of the funding agreement between the Parties. Therefore, no expenditure incurred before this date can be covered by the funding.

6. What are ineligible projects?

The financial support granted by the LPF does not cover operating costs related to the projects.

7. When to submit a project?

Applicants may submit their project between 15 March and 18 April 2021;
A pre-selection of applications will be made between 19 April and 30 April;
The examination of the applications and the hearings of the selected candidates will take place between 3 May and 18 June;
The feedback meeting of the Strategic Council and the Board of Directors of the Fund will take place during the week of 28 June to 2 July;
The final decision of the Board of Directors will be made in the week of 5 July. Applicants will be informed by email.


8. How to submit a project?

You can apply to the call for projects by filling in the online form below, as well as by providing the following documents.


9. How many projects can I submit?

Each project leader may submit only one application per call for projects.

10. What information is required to apply?

Applicants will be required to provide the following information regarding:

  • The media company and the publication
    • Names of the media and media company
    • Dates of establishment of the media and media company
    • Contact details: addresses (postal, website, email), telephone
    • Employees: number of journalists and non-journalists
      Certificate of registration issued by the CPPAP
    • Collective agreements applied (journalists, employees, managers)
    • Shareholding: amount of share capital, list (with percentages) of main shareholders
    • In the case of an association, sources of income (donations, grants, commercial activities)
  • The project
    • Description of the project (context and identified needs, detailed actions, expected benefits, technical and human resources required, etc.)
    • Provisional budget of the project (with a clear breakdown of the different components)
    • Amount of funding requested
    • Results indicators/impact measures
    • Actions to promote the project (communication, dissemination…)

Applicants may also attach to the online form a presentation of maximum 10 pages (PowerPoint or other format), which will clearly illustrate the project, the budgetary elements and its feasibility.

11. What are the Fund’s award criteria?

The LPF will first select projects that are in line with the Fund’s mission to support press pluralism and independent information. Projects must be in line with the Fund’s values, namely the promotion of journalism in the public interest, with humanist, democratic and social values, in the service of the common good.

The LPF will then examine the quality of the project, its innovative nature, its economic viability and its contribution to the independent press ecosystem.

12. What is the project selection process?

In accordance with the Fund’s statutes, applications submitted to the Fund are examined by its Strategic Council. This Council is composed of seven members appointed by the Board of Directors, based on their skills, expertise and commitment to fundamental rights and in particular to the independence of the press.

The Strategic Council identifies and selects projects presenting actions of general interest within the scope of the Fund’s purpose and in compliance with these statutes, the Ethics Charter and the prevention of conflicts of interest. All these applications are examined.

Following an initial selection, the finalist candidates are interviewed by the Strategic Council.

The Strategic Council then makes its recommendations to the Board of Directors, which takes the final decisions.

The Fund publishes the selected projects and the amount of funding awarded to them on its website.

13. What happens to the information requested?

The information provided by applicants is strictly confidential and is used only for the purpose of evaluating their application. A limited number of people from the LPF team have access to the application files.

Board members receive a summary of each project, with no right to share the information they receive outside the Board.

14. How do I contact the Project Review Team?

The project review team is available to answer any questions applicants may have and can be reached at

During the selection procedure, applicants can also be contacted to provide additional information about their project.

FPL call for projects - March 2021

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Name and surname / E-mail address / Telephone
du représentant légal
du représentant légal
Name and surname / E-mail address / Telephone
de la personne en charge du projet
de la personne en charge du projet
Qui sont vos principaux actionnaires (entreprise) ou principaux financeurs (association) ? Quel est le modèle économique principal de votre média (abonnement, publicité, membership, etc.) ? Le média est-il reconnu par la CPPAP au titre de l’IPG ou de l’article 39bis A ?
Votre structure emploie-t-elle régulièrement des journalistes ?
In 2019 / In 2020
In 2019 / In 2020
Website address / If the articles are accessible behind a paywall, please provide access codes.
Pourquoi ce projet ? Pourquoi maintenant ? A quel(s) problème(s) ou quel(s) besoin(s) ce projet répond-il ?
Type du financement demandé
Si oui, précisez.
A description of your project: detailed presentation of the project, target audience, human, material and technical organisation, timetable, expected objectives and success indicators. A provisional budget (with a clear breakdown of the various components) and a financing plan.
Max. file size: 128 MB.