Strategic Council

The Board of Directors is assisted in its work by the Strategic Council. It is responsible for defining the Fund’s programme of actions of general interest and for identifying and selecting those actions that fall within the Fund’s purpose. 

The Strategic Council is composed of at least five members, including the President and the Treasurer of the Fund. They are appointed by the Board of Directors on the basis of their skills, expertise and commitment to fundamental rights and in particular to the freedom and independence of the press.

In addition to the members appointed for the year 2020, the Board of Directors called on external personalities to study the applications received in the framework of the Fund’s first call for projects. They participated in the examination of the projects:


Founder and CEO of Upian
Michel Broué


Chairman FPL

Paul Cassia

Professor of Law at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
Valérie Jeanne-Perrier


Head of the CELSA School of Journalism
Agnès Rousseaux

Agnès Rousseaux

Head of Bastamag and Politis  

Audrey Williamson

Employee of Mediapart and Treasurer of the FPL