Why the Fonds pour une Presse Libre deserves your support?

The objective of the FPL is to contribute to the exercise, the respect and the protection of freedom of information, the pluralism of the press and the independence of journalism amid the major changes to the media landscape brought about by the digital revolution.

The FPL will act to ensure that the digital revolution does not become synonymous with a decline in the plurality of the press and the loss of editorial independence, nor a weakening of the freedom of information. That is why its actions are notably to the benefit of the online press, and that of news gathering and reporting in particular.

Donations to the FPL will help fulfil this mission in the following ways:

What do donations concretely support?

Donations serve in part to help with the FPL’s day-to-day functioning costs, including the salary of one fulltime employee, and most importantly allow the FPL to lead actions in the public interest, which are: