The Fund

The fruit of a project uniting the co-founders and employees of Mediapart, the Free Press Fund (FPL) was established on 14 September 2019. The FPL is an endowment fund, governed by article 140 of the law n° 2008-776 of 4 August 2008 on the modernisation of the economy.

FPL’s statutes were filed with the Paris Prefecture on 9 September 2019. FPL is domiciled at 31-35 rue de la Fédération in Paris.

The Fund has a mission of general interest: to defend freedom of information, press pluralism and the independence of journalism; to contribute to the protection of the right to know and the freedom of expression in the era of the digital revolution; to promote public interest journalism, bearing humanist values, at the service of the common good and equal rights, the rejection of discrimination and the rejection of injustice.


The FPL may receive donations that benefit from the tax reductions granted by law to individuals and companies when they contribute to causes of general interest, particularly in the defence of fundamental rights and freedoms.

The Fund is managed by a Board of Governors composed of seven individuals, whose mandate is for a period of one year renewable. The governors of the FPL are:

  • Michel Broué, mathematician
  • François Bonnet, journalist at Mediapart
  • Dominique Cardon, sociologist
  • Stéphanie Chevrier, publisher
  • Renaud Creus, Mediapart employee
  • Christine Lazerges, Professor of Law
  • Audrey Williamson, Administrator and Treasurer of the FPL
  • François Vitrani, head of associations 
The Board of Governors defines the Fund’s general strategy in accordance with the Constitutive Principles, implements the Fund’s general interest action programme validated by the Strategic Council. It also defines the budget to be allocated to finance each of the eligible projects and ensures the implementation of the actions decided in favour of these projects. 

The Board of Governors is assisted in its work by the Strategic Council, which is responsible for defining the Fund’s programme of actions in the general interest and for identifying and selecting those actions that fall within the Fund’s purpose.  

The Executive Director is responsible for managing the LPF and assisting the Fund’s bodies in the performance of their duties. She also performs the other functions entrusted to her by the Board of Governors. 

The missions carried out by all members of the LPF are guided by the values of the Code of Ethics whose aim is to recall the principles of independence, rigour and transparency that guide the Fund’s action. 

Administrator and Treasurer of the FPL